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Woolworths, Logos


Following the resounding success of our collaborative endeavor with PFI, CLR Group Services earned well-deserved recognition for its exceptional workmanship. This acknowledgment opened an exciting new avenue as Dematic extended an invitation for us to tender directly for their upcoming projects – a testament to the high standards we uphold.

The initial opportunity presented itself in the form of securing the project for security fencing that enveloped the entirety of the factory’s intricate conveyor systems. This marked not only a significant step but also a glimpse of the vast potential that lay ahead.

Our inaugural success set the stage for what would become an ongoing partnership. With unwavering commitment and expertise, we triumphed in subsequent tenders, securing a continuous stream of projects within the larger scope. The bond forged through our collaborative endeavors remained resolute, serving as the cornerstone of our ongoing involvement.

As we navigated each phase of the project, our working relationship evolved into an alliance built on trust, excellence, and shared vision. With each successful installation, our role expanded, and we found ourselves at the heart of the project’s evolution. This journey, marked by ongoing contributions and continuous collaboration, reflects our integral role in the project’s realization.

Today, we proudly stand as an enduring part of the project, committed to seeing it through to its culmination. The ongoing partnership with Dematic is a testament to the power of expertise, dedication, and collaboration, propelling us forward in our mission to deliver excellence and innovation in every endeavor.


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