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In a significant milestone, CLR Group Services took on a pivotal role as the chosen partner of PFI (Product for Industry) to execute the installation of the Waste Trash Conveyor system within a larger conveyor network. This strategic engagement unfolded within the confines of a cutting-edge automated distribution warehouse nestled in Moorebank.

This warehouse, an embodiment of innovation, serves as a harbinger of the next decade’s endeavors, poised to shape the landscape of industry across Australia. This milestone venture, orchestrated in collaboration with esteemed entities such as Richard Crooks and Dematic, stands as a testament to the convergence of excellence and vision.

The journey wasn’t just about machinery; it was about forging connections and leaving an indelible mark. Working side by side with industry luminaries wasn’t just a privilege; it was an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and thrive. Through meticulous installation and unwavering dedication, CLR Group Services carved a niche for itself.

This successful installation became a gateway to future prospects. Recognition flowed in, validating the dedication, expertise, and precision that define CLR Group Services. A path was forged, leading to direct engagement with clients, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s journey.

This achievement resonates beyond machinery and installations; it speaks of relationships nurtured, recognition earned, and the promise of a future shaped by excellence.


Primary Connect


PFI, Dematic, Richard Crooks