Liverpool Bakery

Liverpool Bakery


In the aftermath of a devastating fire that disrupted the operations of Goodman Fielder, renowned for iconic brands like Helga’s, Mighty Soft, and Wonder bread, a tale of resilience and collaboration emerged. CLR Group Services joined hands with ACS to navigate a crucial phase of recovery, standing as a beacon of support during a challenging period.

Our role in this restorative journey was significant. We orchestrated the meticulous decommissioning of fire-damaged equipment, navigating through the remnants of adversity to pave the way for renewal. As a testament to international cooperation, we facilitated the installation of a new oven and cooler, a testament to the unity that transcends borders as these essential components were flown in from the UK and Holland.

The essence of this endeavor was primarily mechanical, an intricate dance that saw the seamless integration of new machinery into the production landscape. Yet, our expertise extended beyond the purely mechanical realm. In the spirit of synergy, we extended our efforts to encompass the electrical wiring of the new production machinery, intricately weaving the threads of functionality and innovation.

This collaborative effort, marked by the union of CLR Group Services and ACS, symbolizes more than just restoration; it embodies the strength of unity in times of adversity. As Helga’s, Mighty Soft, and Wonder bread rise anew from the ashes, our collective expertise stands as a testament to the resilience of industry, the power of collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence.


Goodman Fielder


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