Mount Piper Power Station

Mount Piper Power Station


Under the banner of Turnkey Innovative Engineering, a pivotal chapter in engineering unfolded as they undertook the mantle of the main electrical and mechanical subcontractor for the ambitious water treatment plant project in Mount Piper, NSW.

At the heart of this endeavor stood CLR, poised as the primary source of both electrical and mechanical expertise, with a dedicated force of 40 skilled electrical trade staff. This collaboration was not just functional; it was a symphony of talent working harmoniously towards project completion.

The scope of work undertaken was monumental. A tapestry of containment installation unfolded, with Cable Trays, Ladder Trays, Conduits, and other crucial infrastructure meticulously installed both above and below ground. The project’s veins, in the form of cables, were meticulously hauled to reach their designated destinations, encompassing MSB’s (Main Switchboards), Plant Rooms, and other vital points sprawled across the expansive site.

The climax of these efforts came with the intricate process of termination – a symphony of precision that saw motors, isolators, switchgear, RIO Control cabinets, Main Switch Rooms, Backup Generators, and culminated in the connection of the main HV (High Voltage) room. This intricate ballet of connections represented the very essence of the plant’s functionality.

In a dynamic span of 18 months, the project was brought to fruition by a dedicated team of 40 tradesmen. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the triumphant collaboration between Turnkey Innovative Engineering, CLR, and an ensemble of skilled professionals. It showcases not only the technical mastery but also the artistry of engineering, painting a picture of synchronized effort and accomplishment against the backdrop of Mount Piper, NSW.


Mount Piper Power Station, Water treatment plant installation. (NSW)


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