Borral Berrima Cement Plant

Borral Berrima Cement Plant


In a series of remarkable undertakings, our expertise was harnessed for a range of critical rebuild projects.

Fan Tower Rebuilds (9 Units Total): A total of 9 extraction units underwent a comprehensive rejuvenation under our guidance. We initiated a complete rebuild process, including the meticulous replacement of electric motor belt and pulley systems. Furthermore, the replacement of barrel shafts and impellers was carried out across all units, accompanied by the installation of new cooling fans for kilns. The outcome was a symphony of enhanced functionality and operational efficiency.

Cooling Fans for Kiln: Within this domain, our expertise shone brightly as we embarked on the rebuilding of 3 direct drive units. The process encompassed the installation of new electric motors, coupled with the introduction of fresh barrel shafts, impellers, and couplings. An exceptional touch was added through the use of SKF laser alignment equipment, ensuring meticulous alignment to a manufacturer’s tolerance of 0.05mm.

Weir Warman Centrifugal Slurry Pump Rebuild: Delving into the intricate realm of slurry pumps, we executed full wet end rebuilds. This comprehensive effort encompassed the replacement of critical components, including the stuffing box, volute, liners, throat bush, and impeller. Our commitment to precision was further highlighted through the thorough inspection of shaft run-out using dial indicators. Any deviations within tolerance were promptly addressed through repair or replacement.

These projects stand as a testament to our technical prowess, unwavering commitment, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Each rebuild represents not only a restoration but an elevation, redefining standards and ushering in a new era of efficiency, reliability, and performance.


Borral Berrima Cement Plant