Borral Maldon Cement Plant

Borral Maldon Cement Plant


Embarking on a complex endeavor, we undertook the meticulous task of rebuilding the drive shaft for a Lime Bucket Lift Elevator. This project unfolded as a symphony of precision and expertise.

The process commenced with the meticulous removal of all covers and guards, ensuring unobstructed access to the heart of the machine. With careful consideration, we elevated the counterweight by 200mm to alleviate any chain tension. A specialized support system was meticulously devised to secure the chain at the elevator’s pinnacle, facilitating the safe disconnection of the chain using oxy acetylene.

The true spectacle of this project emerged as we deftly extracted the drive shaft, complete with gearbox and motor, in a singular unit. This orchestration was made possible through the skilled deployment of a 150-tonne slewing crane, a testament to our commitment to safety and precision. Armed with meticulous measurements, we embarked on the arduous task of rebuilding the drive system from the ground up.

A new dawn emerged as we meticulously installed a fresh array of components. The transformation was comprehensive – new drive shafts, sprockets, bearings, gearbox, and taper lock couplings seamlessly converged into a meticulously calibrated whole. The heartbeat of the system was revived with the introduction of a new electric drive motor and a v belt pulley system.

This endeavor stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to engineering excellence. The Lime Bucket Lift Elevator’s rejuvenation symbolizes more than a reconstruction; it’s a testament to precision, ingenuity, and the relentless pursuit of optimal performance. Through every meticulously measured step, we’ve woven a narrative of technical mastery and commitment that will resonate for years to come.


Borral Maldon Cement Plant