Fletchers Insulation

Fletchers Insulation


Over a span of 9 months, CLR embarked on a collaborative journey as a dedicated subcontractor to the esteemed global entity, “Turnkey Innovative Engineering.” This partnership has not only fostered a strong working relationship but has also paved the way for several successful projects that we have undertaken together.

One of our remarkable collaborations unfolded at Fletcher’s Insulation, a pivotal endeavor where CLR played a pivotal role in orchestrating a distribution board upgrade during the Christmas shutdown period. A testament to innovation, we had previously installed a cutting-edge machine, heralding a new era of insulating products designed for under-roof spaces in buildings.

The intricacies of this project spanned the spectrum, with CLR at the helm overseeing the roughing in and termination of 90mm to 300mm single cables across the expanse of the entire warehouse. This endeavor demanded meticulous coordination, a symphony of effort to traverse the length of the building – all while production remained in full operation.

Our success at Fletcher’s Insulation stands as a shining example of the seamless partnership between CLR and “Turnkey Innovative Engineering.” Beyond the technical achievements, this collaboration signifies the power of synchronized expertise, dedication, and teamwork. As we continue to journey forward, our collective efforts exemplify a pursuit of excellence that knows no bounds.


Fletchers insulation, Rooty Hill, NSW


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