Edmonson Park Retail Outlet

Edmonson Park Retail Outlet


In a seamless collaboration, CLR Group Services proudly undertook a pivotal role in the enhancement of the Edmondson Park retail outlet, in partnership with Electromaster. Entrusted with the responsibility, CLR embarked on a journey of design and construction that encompassed the entirety of the mechanical infrastructure within two critical plant rooms.

With ingenuity as their guiding principle, CLR meticulously charted the landscape of cable routes, strategically positioned switchboards, and orchestrated the layout of Chillers and VDS (Variable Displacement System) components. This orchestration was not just functional; it was a symphony of engineering prowess, aimed at optimizing efficiency and performance.

The heart of this endeavor was the installation, where CLR’s skilled hands breathed life into their meticulously crafted designs. With precision and expertise, they ensured that every element aligned seamlessly, creating a coherent and effective mechanical infrastructure. The climax came with the commissioning, a joint effort between CLR and Electromaster, where the culmination of their collaboration was realized in functional and efficient systems.

Edmondson Park retail outlet stands as a testament to CLR Group Services’ unwavering commitment to excellence. Their involvement in the design, construction, installation, and commissioning of the mechanical core reflects their dedication to engineering innovation and delivering outcomes that redefine standards. In partnership with Electromaster, they have woven a story of technical mastery and collaborative accomplishment that resonates throughout the facility.


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