Visy Glass Recycling Plant

Visy Glass Recycling Plant


The collaboration between Mayjan and CLR sparked a transformative journey as they undertook the complete reconstruction of a recently acquired Visy plant, while simultaneously engineering modifications aimed at elevating its efficiency to unprecedented heights.

Amid this ambitious endeavor, CLR’s expertise took center stage. A choreography of precision unfolded as they meticulously removed and rejuvenated all chutes, infusing new bisalloy wear plates into the impact side of these crucial components. This infusion of resilience not only enhanced durability but also underlined CLR’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

But the scope of this project transcended chutes. CLR ventured into the heart of the plant’s mechanics, seamlessly modifying and relocating existing conveyors. A symphony of innovation resounded as they breathed new life into drive setups, integrating state-of-the-art motors, gearboxes, and couplings. This orchestration didn’t stop at machinery – new exciters for vibrating screens were seamlessly installed, contributing to a harmonious rhythm of enhanced functionality.

The story of Mayjan and CLR at the Visy plant is more than a reconstruction; it is a narrative of transformation. Their collective expertise rewrote the plant’s trajectory, amplifying efficiency and redefining standards. This endeavor signifies not only technical prowess but also a commitment to innovation, excellence, and the pursuit of engineering excellence.


Visy Glass Recyling Plant, Penrith