In a series of remarkable collaborations, CLR emerged as a trusted sub-contractor, entrusted with the intricate construction of RL1 & RL2 under the direct patronage of Lipman. This project seamlessly followed the successful endeavor at Cardinal Freeman in Ashfield, a testament to CLR’s unwavering dedication.

Having proven their mettle by impeccably delivering the previous project within schedule and with uncompromising quality, CLR was bestowed with the honor of executing Stage 2. This progression was not just a continuation; it was a testament to excellence.

The scope of works undertaken by CLR was nothing short of extraordinary. With precision and finesse, they orchestrated the installation of a comprehensive network: 230v power, lighting, security, fire systems, nurse call systems, data infrastructure, and even Foxtel feeds – all stemming from the main rises on each floor. The result was a symphony of connectivity, seamlessly woven into the fabric of the structure.

But CLR’s role extended beyond the confines of the building. Amid their ongoing endeavors, they took charge of the car park’s street lighting, infusing safety and clarity into every corner. Not stopping there, they embraced the complexity of modern surveillance, integrating state-of-the-art CCTV systems that stood as sentinels of security.

In the dynamic partnership between CLR and Lipman, milestones were not just achieved; they were surpassed. The tale of RL1 & RL2 is one of synchronized expertise, where each element of infrastructure and every beam of light contributed to a harmonious narrative of precision, progress, and the pursuit of excellence.


Anglicare, Rooty Hill NSW