Tox Free

Tox Free


In a collaborative endeavor, CLR was entrusted by GWE to undertake vital works at the Tox Free facility in St. Mary’s. The project revolved around the installation of new motor pumps and drives, a critical component for two recently installed silos. These silos played a pivotal role in the process of eliminating toxic chemicals from used barrels, including paint tins and oil drums.

With precision and expertise, CLR orchestrated the integration of these motor pumps and drives, ensuring seamless functionality within the newly established silos. These components served as the technological backbone, driving the crucial chemical removal process that underscored the facility’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Notably, CLR’s involvement transcended the machinery. A meticulously designed trench was excavated to facilitate the installation of incoming power. This meticulous planning was further evident in the design of cable routes and the subsequent installation of containment systems and cables, forming an intricate network that powered the facility’s operations.

The result was a harmonious convergence of expertise, innovation, and dedication. CLR’s collaboration with GWE at Tox Free in St. Mary’s not only exemplified technical mastery but also represented a commitment to operational excellence and environmental stewardship. Through this endeavor, CLR left an indelible mark, contributing to a safer and more sustainable future.


Tox Free


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