Snack Brands

Snack Brands


During a transformative 5-month contract, CLR Group Services showcased their unwavering commitment by providing a skilled team of 10 electricians to support Turnkey Innovative Engineering. This partnership was forged on a solid foundation of mutual trust and expertise, a relationship that had thrived since Turnkey’s inception in Australia. Together, we have seamlessly woven a tapestry of collaborative accomplishments across numerous projects.

Amid this contract, our collective efforts converged on a critical project for Snack Brands. As the aroma of innovation wafted through the air, we orchestrated the meticulous installation of a distribution board on a new frying line, an equipment masterpiece freshly imported from America. This endeavor was a testament to precision and coordination, seamlessly harmonizing electrical components with the technological marvel.

But this accomplishment was part of a larger symphony. Earlier in the year, we had already set the stage for success by installing the very machine that would soon grace the frying line. This seamless continuity exemplified not just our technical mastery, but also our ability to anticipate and execute, propelling projects to success with foresight and precision.

The contract at Snack Brands encapsulates more than just technical accomplishments; it embodies a dynamic partnership built on shared vision and a pursuit of excellence. As we continue this journey, our collaborative achievements become a testament to our ability to turn concepts into reality, weaving a narrative of innovation and success that resonates within the realms of engineering and beyond.


Snack brands, Smithfield NSW


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