Kennards Storage LED Lighting Upgrade

Kennards Storage


CLR’s expertise shone brilliantly as they joined forces with Energy Carbon Solutions, based in Pyrmont NSW, to embark on a transformative project. Tasked with a comprehensive upgrade, CLR undertook the challenge of replacing the existing lighting systems across three prominent Kennards buildings located in Zetland NSW.

With precision and dedication, CLR seamlessly transitioned 1089 lights, ushering in a new era of energy-efficient illumination by installing advanced LED fittings. This endeavor spanned all three buildings, marking a substantial stride towards sustainability and reduced energy consumption.

The pinnacle of this transformation was the integration of cutting-edge LED Sensor lights, enhancing not only energy efficiency but also adding a layer of intelligent automation. These newly illuminated spaces now serve as a testament to technological innovation and responsible energy management.

The impact of this project extended far beyond the immediate surroundings. In a proactive move, Kennards embarked on a 6-month monitoring period, carefully observing the benefits of the LED upgrade. The results were promising, laying the foundation for a potential paradigm shift. The ripples of success have set a precedent, hinting at the prospect of all 90 stores across Australia embracing the LED lighting upgrade.

Through the dynamic partnership between CLR, Energy Carbon Solutions, and Kennards, a brighter and more sustainable future emerges. This project stands as a beacon of progress, showcasing the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to a greener world.


Zetland, NSW


Energy Carbon Solutions