Telstra Telephone Exchange – Pitt Street

Telstra Telephone Exchange


In a strategic partnership, CLR demonstrated their technical prowess by collaborating with Telstra to execute vital upgrades on the Pitt Street Telstra exchange building, situated in the heart of the CBD. This transformative project was a testament to CLR’s expertise and commitment to enhancing critical infrastructure.

At the core of these enhancements, CLR seamlessly orchestrated the installation of a 415v ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), designed to ensure backup power to supply rooms. This comprehensive solution incorporated sophisticated inverters sourced from battery backup systems, fortifying the building’s resilience against potential disruptions.

Amid these pivotal undertakings, CLR’s mandate extended to overhauling the cooling towers and compressors. This multifaceted endeavor included a comprehensive upgrade of the existing switchboard and mains supply, embodying a holistic commitment to modernization and efficiency.

Taking innovation to new heights, CLR’s involvement encompassed every facet of the project. From low voltage circuitry to controls, they ensured seamless integration, effectively weaving a network of precision. The crowning achievement was the implementation of a Dali smart lighting control system, a testament to both technological sophistication and responsible energy management.

The Telstra exchange building on Pitt Street now stands as a testament to the dynamic partnership between CLR and Telstra. This collaborative endeavor not only elevated the infrastructure but also symbolizes a commitment to operational excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Through meticulous planning and unwavering execution, CLR has left an indelible mark on this iconic CBD location, exemplifying the transformative power of engineering expertise.