Goros Bar

Goros Bar


The transformation of Goros stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, as we undertook a comprehensive refurbishment of the entire bar, kitchen, and amenities. With meticulous attention to detail, we orchestrated a symphony of enhancements that not only revitalized the space but also elevated its functionality and aesthetics.

The journey began with a harmonious fusion of lighting and audio amendments, reimagining the ambiance of Goros. Every element was carefully calibrated, ensuring a sensory experience that resonated with the establishment’s essence.

A cornerstone of this transformation was the installation of a new 3-phase 60-way distribution board upgrade. This upgrade represented a shift towards efficiency and reliability, setting the foundation for a seamless and robust electrical system.

Architectural lighting emerged as an integral facet of our vision. The deliberate placement of these luminous accents not only enhanced the visual appeal but also created a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, redefining the bar’s character.

The orchestration of power outlets relocation, CCTV installation, a new data/com panel, AC compressor circuit, and emergency lighting breathed new life into the space. Every cable, every connection, and every component was meticulously integrated, culminating in a harmonious and fully functional environment.

The final flourish came through the installation of new signage, an embodiment of Goros’ identity and our commitment to the finer details. The result was a harmonious tapestry where design met functionality, creating a space that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also seamlessly operational.

Goros’ transformation stands as a testament to our dedication. Every detail, from lighting to distribution boards, has been meticulously executed, resulting in a space that is not only renewed but also reborn – an exemplar of our commitment to precision, innovation, and the art of engineering.


Goros Bar, NSW


Redwood Carpentry / Solotel Group