Cardinal Freeman

Cardinal Freeman


Under the trusted guidance of JR Electrical, CLR Group Services played a pivotal role in the construction of Buildings 5 & 6. This endeavor, initiated in collaboration with JR Electrical based in Ingleburn, marked a significant step towards efficient and effective completion within the stipulated timeframe.

Our responsibilities extended across a spectrum of crucial tasks. A comprehensive new installation of 230v power and lighting systems was meticulously orchestrated. In parallel, we seamlessly integrated security, fire systems, nurse call setups, data infrastructure, and even Foxtel feeds – all sourced from the main risers on each floor. This orchestration was not just functional; it was a symphony of connectivity, ensuring a harmonious and technologically advanced environment.

The commitment extended further as we embarked on the complete fit-off of previously handled apartments. This thorough and meticulous phase underscored our dedication to holistic project completion and client satisfaction.

The outcome of this endeavor was not only commendable but also inspiring. With dedication and precision, we successfully concluded the project ahead of the agreed deadline. This achievement not only reflected our efficiency but also positioned us to secure further opportunities and seamlessly transition to the next site.

In collaboration with JR Electrical, CLR Group Services showcased the essence of synergy and expertise. This undertaking was more than construction; it was a testament to precision, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence that continues to propel us forward in the realm of engineering and construction.


Cardinal Freeman, Ashfield NSW