Boronia Kitchen

Boronia Kitchen


A comprehensive transformation unfolded as we undertook the full decommissioning of both the restaurant and office spaces, breathing new life into the environment. This endeavor spanned every facet of the spaces, resulting in a harmonious fusion of innovation and functionality.

The heartbeat of the transformation was the installation of new air conditioning units, effectively crafting an environment that harmonized comfort and efficiency. Simultaneously, the culinary arena underwent a renaissance, with all cooking facilities being meticulously replaced, embracing the latest in culinary technology and design.

A cornerstone of this endeavor was the implementation of a new distribution board upgrade, meticulously aligned with the standards set forth by AS3000: 2018. This step not only reflected our commitment to safety but also represented a forward-looking approach to electrical infrastructure.

Illuminating the spaces with elegance, architectural lighting came to life, lending an aura of sophistication to every corner. The integration of a new data/com panel infused connectivity into the environment, transforming it into a hub of digital interactivity.

In the realm of communication, we bridged gaps by installing interactive phone lines that seamlessly connected the office and restaurant. This symbiotic connection was enhanced further by the deployment of CCTV and audio systems, heightening security and communication.

The culinary domain was meticulously orchestrated, a culmination of innovation and functionality. The installation of a Rotisserie spit cooker, Salamander, coffee machines, heat shelves, refrigeration units, hot plates, and extractor fan units breathed life into the kitchen, making it a true nexus of culinary artistry.

The story of this transformation transcends mere renovation; it’s a testament to our dedication to excellence. The restaurant and office emerged as not just spaces but as harmonious environments meticulously crafted to serve both form and function, setting new standards for aesthetics, efficiency, and innovation.


Boronia Kitchen, NSW


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